About Us

How We Do It
First, understand the parameters of the project.
  • Review life safety issues, ADA requirements,
    and building codes
  • Understand the flow of your business
  • Keep in mind your goals and cost considerations
Second, develop concept designs with 3-D sketches by:
  • Sculpting the interior space
  • Planning the architectural enhancements that
    improve the flow of people's activites
  • Using innovative materials and effective
    lighting design
Third, dedicate our expertise to quality interior design to insure:
  • All interior spaces exhibit a comfortable, elegant and
    inviting experience to users
  • Continue our education in the field of interior design
  • Keep up on the latest innovations in materials,
    lighting and "green" approaches to interior designs.
President: Claire Gabert - Read bio

We pride ourselves in timely delivery of quality services from concept to completion. Our diversified experiences includes designing:

Corporate Offices | Restaurants | Educational Facilities | Medical Offices | Retail Stores | Social Service Organizations | Churches

One of our greatest strengths is understanding our clients' requirements and providing space plans with 3-D sketches resulting in practical and creative solutions that meet budget and time requirements.conference room design nj